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We peddle stories powerful enough to make you feel love, pain, misery, euphoria at a safe distance. We believe in the primacy of storytelling that is current, compelling, and urgent. Stories that have the ambition to make sense of the now.


We take the word ORIGINAL so seriously that we scoff at duplication, and ignore suggestions of recommendation engines. You should see us scoff, we scoff with élan.
Our work was born out of the womb of Traditional Media, but it has since broken out like that chest-bursting alien from ‘Aliens’. Not  ‘Alien', the first one with Ridley Scott where the alien doesn’t have hands, the second one where the alien is, well how do we put it, memorable?


One look at our work and you will know that we were made for these times. Do get in touch with us if you want to work with us, for us, alongside us, or just want to have a chat.

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We want to stand on the shoulders of giants.


Here at peddling, you will find a zero-hierachy environment filled with a bunch of highly opinionated collaborative energetic people who want to do big stuff that has genuine impact in the real world. We invest in our people. We push them, inspire them, and encourage them to become bigger than us.


We seek inspiration not just from the world of film and television, but seek creative collaborations from the world of Dance, Art, Architecture, Circus, Science, Philosophy, Technology and Food. Because we believe good stories and good storytellers can come from pretty much anywhere.


We don’t care about chasing awards. We care about making films that resonate with our friends, family, neighbours, partners or pets and let the awards do their chasing. Most importantly, we like making films with like-minded people. So come talk to us.


We don’t promise that the road will always be smooth, but we promise it will be a lot of fun.

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